My Forever Story

I was learnt about forever in early 2014 whilst on maternity leave. At the time it wasn’t for me. I had a small baby and a toddler, and I was unsure what role I would take on when I returned to my job as a police officer. My husband was initially sceptical and dismissed it as one of my passing crazes 🙈

A year passed, I had returned to work, my role was challenging and took its toll on my home life. I spent long shifts away from my boys who were growing by the minute. Forever living once again came into my life. I was more intrigued this time. It felt right. I wanted to make a change. I was on holiday in Spain when I broached the subject with my husband again. Surprisingly he was a lot more receptive. I think he could see how unhappy I was at work and didn’t see the small start up fee as such a big risk in the whole scheme of things. I decided to take the plunge. I remember feeling nervous but excited. I couldn’t wait to get started. I had always wanted my own business and here it was waiting for me.

Amazingly I was yet to try any of the products when my box arrived, but I had watched the business presentation and was convinced this was for me. When the box arrived I immersed myself in aloe and in the business. I found myself well outside of my comfort zone but loving every minute of it.

Over a year into the business and I am the 7th top business builder in the South East, a title that I am extremely proud of.  My team is growing and I’m surrounded by likeminded and postive people who have become life long friends. The self development journey I have been on since joining this business has been incredible and I look forward to seeing how my life will look in 5 years time.