Day 7 & 8

Day 7 & 8

Manic day yesterday.  Not eating as much has become so much easier now ……the shake in the morning and afternoon seem to be filling me up and I’m not even  snacking on the free foods. My clothes are so much looser……it feels great……

Yesterday evening I had several members of my team round for a catch up / planning session.  There were lots of prosecco and nibbles and it was so hard not to eat anything bad…..I had a few bacon rashers and spent the rest of the evening feeling really guilty.    The team had to keep moving the food away to stop the temptation 🙈

I have also not missed drinking and waking up with that heavy head in the morning and bags under my eyes.

Definately feeling positive and more energetic today. Don’t want it to end………..

Seriously considering the FIT1 now that ive made a good start to getting in better shape and being healthy.

Last day tommorrow!



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