Day 4

day 4…….

I woke up early thanks to Aidan waking up at 5Am but still felt energetic.

After the school run I walked the dog with Dexter. Im enjoying waking up and not feeling guilty about all the sweets and rubbish that I ate the night before. Didn’t even consider putting the kettle on this morning either.

I then cooked some healthy pad Thai with chicken and lots of veg which I packed for work.

Everything was going really well until I got to work and my team were ordering take away for dinner. I was tempted, but I stayed strong. I did find it really hard  be honest but mainly because kept bringing in a box of chocolates and donuts to wind me up (it was someone’s birthday).

Working the weekend will be tough.  I’m so used to getting chocolate and wine on the way home and a kebab with Arran on a Saturday night. I just have to keep telling myself how good I will feel afterwards and it’s only 9 days 😩

Half way there!



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