Day 3

So day 3!

Woke up before my alarm went off which is a rarity and prepared my long awaited meal that i would take to work. Chicken breast in a sticky bbq glaze lots of veg and some spicy cous cous. 500 cals!

In between work, the boys, and having a meeting with a team member in the evening, I didn’t get chance to do my half an hour exercise but I walked around Lewisham today for about half an hour………does that count? ­čśé Will definitely get a run in tomorrow

Something seemed to change in the middle of the day……My headache lifted and my craving subsided. For everyone that knows me will know that I am addicted to sweets……I’m talking sherbet did dabs, refreshers, love hearts and black jacks so having a break from them feels awesome. I even managed to stay clear of the box of quality street and celebrations in the office.

My clothes are┬ádefinitely looser and it’s only day 3……Only 6 days to go, then maybe ill treat myself a bit.


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