Day 2

Day 2 didn’t start well.

Our youngest decided to get up at silly o’ clock in the morning..
Coffee was much needed. But lemon in hot water will have to do.
Arran my long suffering husband is also on the c9, which in a way is good. We can plan meals together and keep each other on track. However two clucking coffee junkies living under one roof does not always make for sweetness and harmony.
Managed to stay strong all day despite the constant temptations of sweets and Costa. Instead I had blueberrys, raspberries, plums, grapes and steamed broccoli and courgettes. Just a few of the bits on the free food list. The supplements are reducing my appetite and speeding up my metabolism and the aloe gel is literally clearing out my system 😬
Im literally hallucinating chai lattes and sherbert dib dabs as i type this.
The fact that its difficult to cleanse your system from sweeteners, sugar and caffeine shows how much we rely on the rubbish in our every day lives.
I even made good use of being up early and went for a run before work.
Something is happening though. I’m actually looking forward to jumping on the scales tommorrow. I definitely feel less sluggish and maybe a little leaner.
From experience if you can survive the first two days the rest of the cleanse is enjoyable and rewarding!
Roll on day 3 and my 600 calorie meal




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