Day 1

Day 1

So ive just finished the first day of the cleanse.
How do i feel? Tired and a little hungry but mostly proud of myself for sticking to the rules and making sure i got a good start. Determined to make a really good go of it.
My day has been spent entertaining my 2year old dexter and visiting some of my  customers. Which is all pretty standard for a Tuesday but has been made more challenging by needing to stop for a wee every 5 mins due to the gallons of water im drinking!

I squeezed my 30mins exercise in by walking maggie our dog around the park in between deleveries.

The other challenge has been avoiding my usual trip to costa. Oh and hiding the buckets of Halloween sweets the boys pillaged yesterday. Usually i would have sneaked more than a few away for myself, but i stayed strong….just about.

Day1 over.. tommorrow will be just as tough but then thats the hard bit done and time to start planning a lovely nutritious meal for Thursday evening.

Hang in there C9ers I promise its all worth it.



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