Day Zero

Day Zero

So I thought I’d complete a blog of my C9 to show anyone who’s interested how challenging and rewarding the cleanse is…..This will be the third time I have done it since joining Forever and I’ve loved the previous two times. Although not always easy, it made me feel amazing and full of energy each time I’ve done it.

I hope you find it interesting. I promise to make it honest, all encompassing account of my journey.

So… Day zero
I know the clean 9 is 9 days long (clues in the title) but having done the program before I find the day / evening before a really important part of a successful cleanse.

So today I’ve had a good read of the booklet. Reminded myself of the free foods and most importantly filled my fridge with lots of fruit and veg. Big tip – lemons!! Last time I went through tons of the things. Makes water a little more interesting and takes the edge off my cravings for caffeine.

I think the key word for day 0 is “preparation”.
That means whatever shift your working or whatever plans you have make sure you’re armed with free foods; grapes / red apples / tangerines. That way your less likely to deviate from the program when your struggling.

Tomorrow I’ll be up nice and early to take my measurements and the dreaded day 1 weigh in. The first two days are tough but looking forward to the day 3 buzz where you see some real progress!!

2nd big tip… put that bottle of aloe in the fridge tonight. It tastes a lot better cold!

M x


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